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Miss Ginta-Re arts is an art school where we work in the exciting world of drawing, painting and modeling; but above all it is a space where you can meet ART and where you can develop and enhance CREATIVITY.

It is also that place where you can have a good time, socialize, relax, forget about your routines and day-to-day problems; where to find a space to dedicate yourself to what you like and where you can discover the true power that art has to make us grow personally and intellectually.

Our school has room for young and old. Everyone is welcome!


We are licensed / graduated artists in Fine Arts and with experience. But, beyond that, we are true enthusiasts of art and its teaching. We love teaching and listening; We love accompanying our students in their processes, in their progress, in their choices and searches; enjoy together the cool results of their work, and learn from mistakes growing with them too. We are greatly enriched by the boys and girls in our Children’s Workshop, and we are passionate about guiding and walking alongside our students. It is our vocation and our passion.


Our school has two separate independent spaces: the Children’s Workshop and the Youth / Adult Workshop. They are bright, exterior, cozy and comfortable spaces. With heating and air conditioning, very good light, a bathroom and space to leave the material.

We have Wi-Fi, a printer and reference material at the disposal of the students. And we take great care of the musical setting in the workspace to create a good atmosphere that invites concentration.

The school is on the first floor of a small commercial building, facing a garden area, quiet and with northern light, ideal for working.