Uweza Art Gallery – Uweza Foundation


The purpose of this initiative is to facilitate and keep the doors open to ART and CREATIVITY as a means of expression and communication during this time of confinement in our homes due to COVID-19.

We want ART to be a space of opportunity for relaxation, liberation, expansion, fun, … but also to continue growing with our learning through experimentation and the discovery of new creative possibilities that we will be proposing to you.

Our challenges

CHALLENGE 13: Go green!

Draw a painting of an all-green scenery, which is meant to be an honor to the Mother Nature and the appealing green plantations that surround us.

CHALLENGE 18: Self-portraits

Are you a true art enthusiast? If you are, then this challenge shouldn’t pass you. Draw a painting of yourself with water colors that match your tone and personality.


With this challenge, it’s all about painting an art piece that perfectly balances the lights and shadow. Be free with your paintings.

CHALLENGE 15: «Looks»

How does a perfect painting look? Why not join this challenge and explore the freedom to paint and express your artistic imagination?